Thursday, January 14, 2016

My #oneword: Believe

A challenge was sent out in one of my Professional Learning Networks to decide on one word that would be our focus for the year.  My initial thought was one word, that's all I get? There are so many that I could choose that tie into my life how can I chose just one?  So I pushed it to the side and figured I wouldn’t do it. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I would find myself thinking about it at the most random times.  What word would be the best: intentional, team, support, faith? I wanted it to be perfect.  I would start to write and then change my mind.  Then it came to me – BELIEVE.
Believe in Our Students: Every student comes into the school from different backgrounds and different skills.  I need to continue to believe they can all reach high expectations.  I need to believe that children want to do well.  Children want to grow and learn.  They are going to have days that aren’t as good as others.  They are going to struggle.  I still need to believe in each and every one of them ALL the time; modeling for others to see in my words and actions.

Believe in Myself: I don’t know anyone else, but often in life when things start to feel overwhelming, I start to question myself and my ability to get things accomplished. I start to wonder if I’m doing the right thing and making the best decisions.  Is this the right job for me? There may be doubt, fear, or hesitation.  I work to push those things out and work on clearing my mind and believing in myself.  Things don’t have to be perfect.  

Believe in Growth: Opportunities for growth are all around me whether it is something I am currently doing in our school, my personal life or something new I want to try. There is always a chance to get better.   Sometimes I am held back by the belief I can’t.  But I can!   It may not be easy.  It may take some time.  It may mean stepping out of a comfort zone and taking a risk.  But there is always room to grow and I need to believe that I can.  

Believe I Have the Chance to Make a Difference Every Day: I have the best jobs around.  I get to be with kids every day.  I get to be a part of their life and make a positive impact that can affect them not only in the moment but for the rest of their lives.

I can’t wait for all the things to come in 2016.  As I travel down the path I know it won’t always be smooth; there will be bumps and unexpected turns.   No matter what, I have to believe.