Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Hall of Fame

“If you don’t become a hall of fame baseball player, then become a hall of fame teacher, a hall of fame firefighter, a hall of fame dentist, a hall of fame carpenter…be in the hall of fame in whatever you do, “ Oscar Carillo, Director of Baseball, All Star Village, NY. 

This was from the opening ceremonies speech for a weeklong baseball tournament in Cooperstown, New York for my oldest son.  The location of the tourney and the speech by the director was no coincidence.  All Star Village is in the same place as the Baseball Hall of Fame; boys come from all over the country to play in this tournament throughout the summer.

This past week, 52 teams descended upon All Star Village with hopes to make it to the championship game.  Many of these boys, including my own, have hopes and dreams of one day becoming a professional baseball player, and like others that came before them, they want to be just like those who made it into the Hall of Fame. 

In reality, many of them won’t.  The likelihood is a small percentage.   This isn’t meant to deflate them or crush their dreams, but rather get them to see that they can have the same qualities that those in the hall of fame have.  It's not just for baseball.

When I think about my boys, I want them to grow up and always work to be the best they can be in wherever life takes them. I want them to work hard and keep striving to be in the hall of fame author, a father, a construction worker, a police officer...anything. Not only do I want this for my boys, but for all of my kids at school too.