Saturday, January 6, 2018

#OneWord - Strength

As soon as January hit, posts started popping up about people's one word for 2018.  To be honest, I just wasn't feeling it this year.  There wasn't a word that stood out in my mind.  Actually there we many words, and I didn't want to take the time to think about narrowing it down to just one.

After reading many blog posts from members of my PLN, I was inspired to write one of my own.  It's kind of like positive peer pressure.  I began to reflect on this past year, but more recently I thought about my time over holiday break.  I have made it a priority to be at my gym as much as I can over break and I have really enjoyed it.  On New Year's Day we made the gym a family event and took both kids. The boys dragged their feet and didn't want to go, but I think back now to the conversation in the car on the way home. Both boys talked about how much they enjoyed it, and although it was tough, they shared how good they felt now that they were done.

Reflecting on that day helped me come up with my one word for 2018.  Strength.

I want to make it a priority to work on my strength at the gym.  I go through ups and downs where I'll get to the gym for a couple of weeks and then I got MIA for the next two.  I want to make it a priority.  I want to build my physical strength which will also help with my emotional strength.  Working out clears my head, releases stress and helps maintain my emotional strength.  My emotional strength is needed as a mom and as a principal.

I want to focus on having strength to have tough conversations when needed.  I tend to be non confrontational in my professional and personal life, but sometimes those conversations are needed.  Conversations are needed to help us grow and learn.

I need strength to handle all the things our job throws at us throughout the year.  It seems when things are going well and no big issues are happening, bam, things change.  I want to have the strength to not let those things get me down; strength to keep going.

I need to have strength to come home after a long day and be there for my family just like I'm there all day for the school community.

For 2018, I'm focusing on strength; physically and emotionally.