Sunday, May 27, 2018

Share the Positive

Why is it that we focus on the things that don’t go well? The mistakes. The mess ups. The bad things that happened? 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I think about my own personal conversations with friends. Sometimes they probably think I don't like my job. They must think I’m miserable. 

But in reality, I’m not. I love what I do. 

Yes, some days are hard. Sometimes I’m exhausted by the time I leave. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love what I do. 

For some reason though when I go to share things with others, it seems like I focus just on the negative aspects. When I leave work at the end of the day I pick up the phone and share the things that didn't go well.  

I don’t think it’s just me. I hear it from others too. I'm not sure why it happen, but it does...with friends, with family, and with colleagues.  I am not saying to keep it all in and not share the mistakes and rough times. We all need someone to talk to and share the hard moments and tough times. 

Instead just make sure to also include the positive. Take time to reflect on things that went well. Share it with others. It’s my challenge to myself (and all of you too!). 

Just this past week....
- I worked with a student who’s making positive growth in behavior choices. 
- I watched some engaging lessons in classrooms. 
- I got to connect with our youngest students while subbing in TK. 
- I sat down and talked with a couple parents who are dedicating so much of their time to helping support our school. 
-  I had a chance to celebrate reading with students during lunch in my office. Talked books and ate pizza. 
- Made positive calls homes to recognize students based on recommendations from

And those are just to name a few.  I know when I look back on each day I don't want to just think about the things that get me down.  I also want to reflect on the things that make me smile...because there are always many of them!