Sunday, March 19, 2017

Embrace Change


It's been on my mind lately so I thought I'd write about it. 

A simple six letter word yet sometimes it brings much fear and anxiety into people's lives. 


Change means something different. Something we're not used to doing. Change leads us to the unknown. If we've never done it before, how do we know it will work? How do we know things will turn out right? 

This is where fear sets in. Anxiety. Doubt. Skepticism. All the negative thoughts start to takeover. But change doesn't have to be a bad thing. 

Sometimes things need to change. 
Sometimes things need to change and we never really realized it. 

When things change, it might be hard. 
It might be messy. It might not turn out the exactly the way you expected. 

But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. 

Embrace change. Stay positive. Push through. And who knows, maybe in the end, things will actually be better than they were before.