Friday, September 16, 2016

My Kids Too - A Personal Reflection

What do I love about my job? The kids! If I'm stuck in a meeting or feel overwhelmed with my to do list, what makes me happy? The kids! It always seems to be the answer.

- I love getting out and playing with them at recess. Last Friday I played soccer with a group of 4th grade boys and enjoyed every minute of it. Not only did I get some exercise in, but had fun connecting with them and laughing. 

- I love bringing the disco ball out to recess and watching the kids dance around and sing with everyone. 

- I love sitting and reading with kids in their classroom.

 - I love the smiles I see on their faces.

With all this being said, I came home the other night and felt guilty. I was exhausted. I put so much in at work, and I came home to my two boys and thought, what about connecting with them and making them smile?  When was the last time I went outside and played kickball or basketball? When have I blasted the music and let them be silly and dance around? 

I could say they're busy. They have sports almost every day of the week. They have homework. But that's not an excuse. I give my best every day to 450 kids at school and I need to do the same at home to my two boys.

What do I love about my life? Not only the kids at school, by my kids too