Thursday, February 11, 2016

Roadblocks in Life

Currently I am reading The Mindful School Leader with one of my PLNs on Voxer.  After just finishing up a section, I was compelled to take time to write. A principal in the book shared her way of “purging” or getting out all of the thoughts and ideas in her head in order to make sure she was more mindful and balanced before the day began and before the day ended.  She journaled twice a day. I thought of how useful this could be in my life, especially at the end of the day before heading home to my family.  Journaling for me isn’t going to be my to do list, but rather my thoughts and feelings that I need to get out to relax and enjoy the time ahead of me. I decided my first “journaling” would be tonight in the form of a blog post.  

With high hopes and a positive outlook, I set out to try something new the other day. Something that I’ve never done before and I wasn’t quite sure what would come of it. In hindsight I probably didn’t think it all the way through, but at the same time, I was doing it because I believed it was best for kids.  So I didn’t mull over the possible negative aspects of it, I just did it.  

So what happened?  It blew up in my face.  I felt like I slammed into a dead end and and instead of making progress, I was pushed backwards.  I questioned myself. I wanted to give up.  The thought crossed my mind, “Why try if the results are like this?”

I thought about it, I leaned on my PLN for support, and over time I realized that it’s all part of the job. Actually, it’s more than the job, it’s part of life. We can set out with the best of intentions, but not everything is always going to turn out like we hoped.  There may be something in life you want, but it’s not going to come easy. Does it mean we stop trying?  Does it mean we give up? No way.  

I experienced a roadblock that day, not a dead end. Now I’m just looking for other ways to accomplish my objective.  

I know there will be more roadblocks along my path, but I need to remember this experience.  I need to take it for what it is and know that it doesn't mean I've reached the end.  I need to be able to reach out for support and work to overcome it.

We've all experienced a roadblock either professionally or personally...What roadblock have you encountered?  Did you give up or did you work your way around it?

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