Friday, July 22, 2016

Lessons Learned from the Baseball Field (2 of 2)

Lesson Two - Always Keep a Positive Attitude

As I reflected on notes I took during my son's baseball game, I thought back to a previous coach of his. The coach used to say that he understands if mistakes are made, but there is no excuse about attitude and effort. I have to agree.

Attitude is everything and this time, I'm not referring to the kids, I'm talking about the adults. 

Kids feed off of our emotions and attitude.

Out on the ball field this week, I saw it. We're down by 4 runs and the kids are feeling it. Coach is mad. Clipboard thrown to the ground. Head down and mumbling. 

What does that convey to the kids?
- I'm done?
- I've lost hope?
- We don't have a chance?
- I don't like you anymore?

Can't tell you for sure, but I know it doesn't communicate anything positive. It doesn't help. It doesn't motivate. 

How can this apply to our schools? There are days when the adults are upset on campus. It's been a rough morning at home. Drop off was a nightmare. The students just won't stop talking. The lesson I spent hours on was a disaster. We're upset. We're frustrated. We're angry. We're tired. 

We need to be able to push things aside and be there for the kids.  We're the adults. We need to keep the positive attitude.

As a mom and principal, this is something I need to remember all the time.  My attitude affects those around me, and I want my attitude to have a positive affect on others.

The kids need it.  The kids deserve it!

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