Saturday, August 13, 2016

The First Day - I Can't Wait!

A new year, a new beginning. 

Most people get to say that on New Year's Day every year, but for me, it also comes in August. The start of a new school year. 

I've been preparing for this school year since the last one. Every time I would do something I'd reflect on ways to change it for the future. I made my list all summer of things I want to do this year. Things with my staff. Things with the kids. I read books, I read blogs, I listened to ideas over Voxer, and I added more to the list. Not only did my list grow, but so did my excitement. 

All of those things inspired me and motivated me to do what's best for kids. It's about them.  

I run into people and I hear the tone in their voice or see the look on their face when they say, "Oh, school starts soon, you have to go back. Sorry." It's said like it's a bad thing, like I should dread it.

I don't dread it, I'm excited.  Yes, it's always a lot of work starting off a new year and I'll miss the time I got to spend with my kids, but that doesn't mean starting school is a bad thing.

I'm excited to see the kids on the first day! I'm excited for the school year!

Let's all be like Nemo :)

To all of you in education- 
May this be the best year yet!  Have a wonderful school year! 

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