Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Teacher is More Important

I'm getting tired of all the e-mails and advertisements about computer based programs guaranteed to increase student achievement.  It seems like as soon as common core standards rolled out and the new testing system was developed, all these companies jumped on the bandwagon with new programs to push into the classrooms.  They latched on to the anxiety of educators who were adapting to the new standards and made people believe that their program was needed in order to get results.  

Well guess what? They're not needed. Nothing beats quality first instruction from a teacher.

The more programs we throw at students in hopes to help achievement, the less time there actually is to teach.  And I firmly believe that nothing can replace an effective teacher. The teacher has the ability to form relationships, really know their students and what they need. Programs don't build relationships, teachers do. 

So before signing up for the latest program, stop and think: Is that really what my kids need? 
Believe in yourself and your ability. 

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